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Things I’ve covered so far:

The cycle helmets debate – legal aspects (04/07/11)

Buying an e-bike (14/06/11)

Buying and selling bikes, part 2 – kit requirements for new bikes (08/06/11)

Buying and selling bikes, part 1 – basic kit requirements (31/05/11)

The rules of bike brakes (04/05/11)

Dangerous and reckless cycling – do we need the new law? (07/04/11)

Do cycle lanes have any legal significance? (10/03/11)

Met Police Cycle Officer in suspected criminal offence (17/02/11)

When do you have to give your details? (08/02/11)

The laws of car doors (18/01/11)

The rules of red lights, part 3 – lights for cycle lanes (07/12/10)

The rules of red lights, part 2 – advanced stop zones (30/11/10)

Riding on footpaths – the basics (23/11/10)

‘Strict liability’ and legal protection for cyclists (16/11/10)

Bike lights and reflectors – the basics (08/11/10)

Is it illegal to undertake other cyclists? (02/11/10)

The rules of red lights – part 1 (27/10/10)

Can you be stopped by a plainclothes policeman? (19/10/10)

Can you ride while using your mobile phone? (12/10/10)

Are the Met police issuing illegal fixed penalties to cyclists? (04/10/10)

Can you lose your driving licence for a cycling offence? (27/09/10)

Can you ride when you’ve been drinking? (21/09/10)

When can you be given a fixed penalty notice? (10/09/10)

Do you have to stop at zebra crossings? (06/09/10)

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