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meMy name’s Jorren Knibbe, and I’m a barrister practising mainly in regulatory law.

I started cycling to work about 18 months ago. I now cycle to the pub, the shops, the gym and pretty much everywhere else. I even tried cycling from East London out to Reading one time last summer, a brave endeavour which ended in a dodgy underpass near Slough where I learnt to use reinforced tyres and carry a spare inner tube.

A lot of the time I ride around wondering what would happen if I was caught going the wrong way up a one-way street, jumping a red or something similar. This is probably because I do this kind of thing for a job.

The idea behind this blog is to write up what I find out, just in case other people wonder about this kind of thing too. If you have any burning questions, get in touch and I’ll see whether I can check them out.

A few little things to note:

  • This site talks about the rules in England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland can be different.
  • I’ll use abbreviations to refer to legislation. They’re explained on the abbreviations page.

I need to say, as a disclaimer, that this blog is just for general discussion, and nothing written here is legal advice. Your legal position depends on the facts of your own case. If things get serious and you want answers (or the truth), you’ll need to consult a lawyer properly.

Everything on this site is licensed cc by-nc-nd unless otherwise stated.

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